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5 Fun Team Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Event

Building dynamic working relationships and enhancing a group’s capacity to work together to achieve common goals is what team building is all about. In Toronto, there are numerous types of corporate events to choose from for your team building function. Activities of all kinds are available in the greater Toronto area. Here are five of the most fun ways to bring your employees together, boost morale and ultimately improve the efficiency of your team’s output.



Steer your employees in the right direction with several hours—or even a full day—of go-karting at 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts. Our indoor track is open year round and offers some of the fastest go-karts in the city. There are two types of racing styles for you to choose from, with our Les Mans Enduro races heavily geared towards team building efforts. This fun corporate event will rev your employee’s motivation and team spirit.

Mini golf

Enhance your corporate culture with a round or two of mini golf. . Have employees play in groups that consist of players with diverse skill levels. Grant prizes for first, second and third place teams as well as awards for most improved putter and player with the most team spirit. Our 18-hole indoor course glows in the dark and provides sufficient challenge for even more experienced golfers.

Room escape games
Teammates are locked in a room together for a set amount of time and must use elements within the room to discover a way out. These real life adventure games require cooperation and communication between players to enhance the odds of success. Invented in Japan in 2008, room escape games are now a worldwide phenomenon and numerous venues are available within the GTA.

When played in groups, bowling becomes an exceptionally effective team building activity for corporate events. One particularly interesting variation consists of blindfolding bowlers and having their teammates coach them into the appropriate position to knock down pins. However it’s played, bowling is a classic activity for rallying your employees together.

Laser tag
When it comes to team building activities, laser tag is a modern classic. A combination of communication, cooperation and strategic problem solving allows company employees to solidify as a team. There’s a range of venues for this activity available within the greater Toronto area.

Toronto’s best venue for team building

Consider 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts for your upcoming corporate events. Our Toronto facility hosts a range of activities including go-karting and mini golf. Make a day of it and host lunch or dinner in our banquet hall. Call us today with your questions or to book your event.