Corporate team building

3 Reasons Why Go-Karting is the Perfect Corporate Event

Whether you’re looking to do some much-needed team building among your employees or for a unique way to show clients—or would-be clients—a good time, go karting at 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts in Toronto, makes for corporate events that are truly exceptional. So skip the run-of-the-mill summer picnic and instead book your company event doing something that truly revs the engines of your employees and clients.

1. An activity that fuels team spirit
Unlike stuffy conferences where everyone tends to talk to the same people about the same things every year, go karting provides an endeavour for all to participate in directly. Create teams so that new alliances can form. The usual barriers will dissipate as colleagues and clients cheer each other on. In between races, allow your guests to place small friendly bets so that no matter who’s on the track, everyone at your corporate event is invested in each race. Excitement, laughter, and a feeling of camaraderie will permeate the members of your party, and your event will be one that’s remembered and talked about for a long time to come.

2. A casual atmosphere
Formal attire is the norm at most corporate events in Toronto, with many being black tie affairs that lend an air of reserve. But with go karting events, Jeans and T-shirts are the go-to garb and the overall atmosphere is much more casual. This more relaxed vibe will put your guests at ease and allow conversation and camaraderie to flow.

3. Friendly competition
There’s something about competing against someone that lets you see them in a whole new light. Are they graceful losers? Courteous winners? Do they maintain their resolve to win throughout or do they give up before they reach the finish line? Not only does go karting offer a fun way to build relationships with clients and employees, but it also allows you to gain more insight into how they operate and the strength of their individual characters. This kind of understanding could well help you decide which employee would be most suited to that new management position or which clients you want to work with more closely.

Host your corporate event at 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts
No matter if you’re planning an event in Toronto that’s big our small, our track and adjoining facilities—banquet hall, mini golf and more—can accommodate your party. Contact us today for further information or to book your event.