​6 Tips to Becoming a Faster Go Kart Driver

The thrill of go karting is one that’s hard to beat. The feel and sound of the engine revving as you circle the track at adrenaline pumping speeds is an absolute rush, one that can easily induce repeat visits to your favourite go kart track in Toronto, 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts. But after you’ve performed in a number of races you’re often left with this question: how can I do it faster? Here are our top six tips to enhance your performance.

1. Posture yourself for optimal performance. Sit up straight but keep your body relaxed. Your knees should be slightly bent and your feet should comfortably reach the pedals. Gripping the wheel at the three and nine marks is ideal as it allows for the best pivoting control. 

2. Follow faster drivers. This approach is more of a teaching tool than a strategy. You’ll learn how pro speedsters take corners and the track as whole by duplicating their race lines. You’ll come to understand at a visceral level how to maintain momentum by using wide lines around the course.

3. Avoid crashing into barriers and other go karts. It should be obvious, but given what we’ve witnessed at our Toronto indoor track, it may be worth pointing out here. Impacting other vehicles or anything else will break up your momentum and slow you down. If you want to be the fastest, steer clear of obstacles.

4. Maintain momentum. To be fast, you need to sustain your speed. Generally what this means is following the widest path around the track. As you approach bends you should be coming in from the widest point and moving towards the apex. As you come out of the turn, you should be returning to the outermost rim.

5. Be smooth. Be fluid. Ease gently on the breaks and the accelerator. Too many jerky movements or trying to force the go kart to respond quicker than it’s capable of will only slow you down.

Racing more laps is the only way to build up the finesse required to be an excellent racer. Contact us at 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts to book your track time today. We’re also available for special occasions,
team building events and just about everything else. We’re located in Toronto and available every day of the year except Christmas. See you on the track!