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 Team Building in Toronto: Corporate Events

If you want to motivate, reward, entertain, and show appreciation for your employees, we cater to your team with event planning in Toronto. At 401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts, we offer two different attractions, mini-golf and go-karts, that will allow your employees to relax, forge new friendships, and engage in some friendly competition.


Do you always brag about your on-the-green skills? Now's the time to demonstrate your talent on our 18-hole mini-golf course. Our course creates the perfect place for all players, novice to experienced, to converse and compete.


Do you have a large team? No problem. We offer exclusive track time and guarantee a minimum of 10 go-karts on the track at all times (pit stops included). Our corporate racing events are divided into the following formats:

  • Le Mans Enduro - We'll divide your corporate group up into smaller teams, give everyone a safety briefing, and determine the running time of the race (usually lasts anywhere from sixty minutes to three hours). Once each team understands the rules and race time, the first driver for each team will get behind the wheel to race. During the race, drivers will switch out so everyone has an opportunity to race. The goal? Complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time. We will award the top finishers with a medal or trophy.
  • Daytona Racing Tournament - After a safety briefing, drivers will compete in a series of heats against other drivers to accumulate the best possible average lap time. Once each driver has completed a specific number of heats, we'll declare the driver with the best overall lap time the winner. We award trophies to the three fastest finishers.

Our events include facility shutdown and a banquet room that accomodates 125 persons. Contact us at (416) 614-6789 to learn more about our Toronto corporate events today.

Cost: Based on a fee per activity from 25 persons and up.
Length: 3 hours

  Membership Application

Please fill out the required membership and waivers forms for every member of your party. The document can be downloaded below in PDF format.

  401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts Membership & Waiver Form (PDF file, 8 Kb)